Pet Odor Removal Redondo Beach

When you have pets often they have accidents that stain and cause odors in rugs, drapes, floors, and upholstery. The odor and stains are hard to remove and unpleasant to live with. Ignoring the problem only make it worse. A professional carpet cleaning company like Organic Carpet Cleaning in Redondo Beach will clean your carpets using organic methods. Your home and carpet will smell fresh and clean.

Organic carpet cleaning is safe for your family and pets. It does not put toxic chemicals and substances into your environment. Some chemicals can cause allergic reactions and create odors in your home. Organic carpet cleaning and pet odor removal reduces the chances of mold because they extract the water from the rug during treatment.

The treatment we use extracts the urine and stains from the carpet. It does not push it down further into the padding below. We use specialized tools and additional treatments to effectively remove all odors and stains from your carpet from urine to feces. We saturate the carpet with a solution than perform a sub surface extraction.

After that we rinse the carpet and perform another extraction that removes the problem permanently. This allows the urine and stains to be lifted from the carpets not masked over with chemical smells. Organic pet removal is good for your health and safe for your pets. We have cleaning products and equipment that can remove urine stains from hardwood and other floors in your home making them look like new.

The trained technicians at Organic Carpet Cleaning will discuss your pet odor problem before beginning treatment. They often vacuum first and then use an organic solution that breaks down urine and pet stains quickly. Our trained staff is trustworthy and does the job quickly and completely. Our special extraction methods make carpets cleaner that other services. The team always leave your carpet dry and free of moisture.

Organic cleaning of drapes and upholstery keeps pet stains and odors from seeping in permanently. Organic cleaning removes allergens, dust mites, dirt, and other causes of illness. The products used at Organic Carpet Cleaning are safe for adults, kids, and pets. Pet accidents often happen on floors and on or near upholstery. Don’t put up with the odors get your carpets, floors, and upholstery cleaned by Organic Carpet Cleaning in Redondo Beach.

Pet Safety

 The equipment and products that we use at Organic Carpet Cleaning are safe and effective. They work effectively to remove pet odors and clean your carpets, floors and upholstery completely. Your pets, children, friends and family member will be safe in your home. We provide excellent customer service designed to resolve the problem quickly.

Effective methods are needed to remove pet urine, feces, and vomit from surfaces in your home. Home treatments never really remove the odors and stains properly. Urine can create color changes in the carpet and floor,so quick treatment is recommended. A pet’s urine and feces creates a breeding ground for bacteria that will cause illness. This is another reason to treat the problem quickly.

Sometimes you do not notice pet odors quickly because they dry. When the humidity increases like on rainy days or in the warm weather suddenly you notice the odor in the room, finished basement or entire house. When you clean it yourself often urine and stains are left behind so you have not really resolved the problem.

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